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EDIT: It seems that I've gotten alot of comments about the policy and how people read it, and decide to lash out on Deviantart's policy, because of that post on Tumblr. Now if I've misunderstood, and misquoted anything, then my bad, you have my pardons. However, the problems still remains by the fact that art theft are more prevalent on this site than Tumblr, because it is fair to say that Deviantart is a site where arts of a particular artist leap a bigger risk of being stolen, and the staffs are sometimes very slow to respond to these actions.. This site puts your art in the spotlight, while Tumblr is just a blogsite where art leaps lesser risks of being stolen, atleast that's how I've experienced. However, I do not claim that Art theft never happens on Tumblr, it's the Internet after all.

I do love Deviantart, I loved my time here, but the issue that remains and are of abundance are the art thefts - now, granted, I respect your opinions, and if you do not agree with mine, then you have my respect, but I've been victimized and been going through the same process over and over again, trying to take down my art that has not been sourced or has been uploaded without my authority - however, you are allowed to source it to stay in the green zone, that's all I'm asking for!

EDIT 2: Because I've been getting alot of requests to keep my DA up, I will accept your voices; it would've been a little ridiculous to have shut it down entirely, especially since I've had alot of watchers that have been following my progress throughout my time on Deviantart, so it would've seemed more like a stab in the back. B(

Therefore - you will find my old art here, while you can find my new art up on Tumblr.

You can either follow my ARTBLOG (unfortunately, I'm no longer in the MLP fandom, so you won't find any pony art)
or You can follow my PERSONAL BLOG

or you can follow both.

Thanks again <3

Anyways, incase you've been wondering where I've been all this time, and yielding for me to return, I'm on tumblr. <3

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